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Graduate Intern Needed - Join Us Now

USAID SAFE Program requires the services of two exceptionally talented and self-motivated communication and social media interns to bolster its communication and awareness department.

The Interns will be responsible for more frequent reporting of SAFE news and information through the website and through other the SAFE online platforms, to create a higher public profile for SAFE.

Some examples of other possible content for the site:

  • Success stories/ stories of change
  • Important news relating to the SAFE mandate and objectives. This could include, for example, progress of bills, policies, legislation, etc., through the government, which will affect the land rights regime. Or it could be significant civil society initiatives in our mandate areas.
  • Brief reports of SAFE events – trainings given, important public fora attended, etc.
  • Particularly interesting or important grantee activities (either individual, like major programs, or SAFE sponsored, like grantee exchange visits). This could include especially interesting outcomes, which otherwise never appear except in quarterly reports.
  • Monthly “highlights” of grantees (this could even include video or audio clips of interviews with grantee board or staff members focusing on the results they are achieving with SAFE support, pitched in plain language for a general audience).
  • Project documentaries

Applications are invited from recent graduates (of not more than year since graduation) or those currently awaiting graduation from universities in relevant fields. Applicants with demonstrable practical experience and capabilities stand a higher chance of being considered.

Interested applicants should send their cover letters and curriculum vitae to: pokello@safeprogram.ug not later than Friday 9th December 2016.

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