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In January 2017, traditional leaders from Omiya Anyima Clan successfully mediated 13 land conflicts in Lukung sub-country, Kitgum district, in Acholi.

The traditional leaders were part of a large group of Acholi traditional leaders who have received trained from Youth Social Work Association (YSA), a USAID SAFE grantee in northern Uganda.

The 13 cases resolved by traditional leaders were part of a total of 28 cases referred to the elders between November and December 2016. The rest (15) were still undergoing mediation.

USAID SAFE appreciates the historical and crucial role of traditional leaders in solving conflicts in Acholi community and will continue supporting interventions targeting traditional leaders.

In a related development, in January 2017 there was a marked reduction in the number of land cases registered by authorities in parts of the Acholi sub-region where SAFE is supporting conflict reduction over land.  For example, in Akwang sub-county Kitgum district only one land case was registered in January 2017 compared to eight and four cases respectively in November and December 2016.

SAFE attributes the reduction in the number of cases to interventions such as the USAID supported training of traditional leaders and mediation.

Resolving land conflicts in post-LRA northern Uganda is just one of a number of outcomes made possible by the USAID Supporting Access to Justice, Fostering Equity and Peace (SAFE) Program. For more about the SAFE Program, visit us online at: www.safeprogram.ug.


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