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close friend of the girl narrating the story

One in five adolescent girls has experienced sexual violence. Mary, a primary school student in Bundibugyo narrates how her friend was raped, on her way home from school.

The man lured her friend with a promise of snacks; and she followed the man. Before reaching the trading center, the man pulled her off the road and raped.

She made an alarm and people close by came to her rescue. The man was apprehended and Mary’s friend taken to the nearby health center. After a series of visits to the health center, it was found that she had contracted HIV.

One in four new HIV infections in women occurs in adolescent girls and young women aged 15-24 years.

HIV disproportionately affects women and girls because of vulnerabilities caused by cultural, social and economic biases. It is our collective responsibility to protect girls and young women from such violence and consequences.

#protectourgirls #endgbv #16days


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