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Acholi chief speaking to one of the journalists

The Northern Uganda Media Club broadcasts peace message from Acholi paramount chief.

Northern Uganda is one of the outcomes of the USAID Supporting Access to Justice, Fostering Equity and Peace Program (SAFE) has marked.


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    says on:
    April 5, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    I take the opportunity and pleasure to introduce to you, Bugwere Women Empowerment Foundation (BUWEF) which is a local Community based organization operating in Bugwere Sub region in the Districts of Kibuku, Pallisa, and Budaka all located in the Eastern part of Uganda. The Organization was formed in May 2016 to address gender equality and women rights issue in the sub region and has Board of Directors, Seven hundred and two (702) Village Gender Investment Clubs (VIGICs) also serving as VSLAs composed of 30+ members for purpose of financial inclusion. The organization aspires to transform her membership clubs into producer organizations Complexes (POCs) investment clubs of consistent quality and durability in seven carefully selected enterprises of; Citrus farming, Livestock – poultry & Dairy, aquaculture, Rice, pulses, oilseeds, Cassava, Maize and Vegetables. The organization has a direct membership of 21,060 members with 21,060 secondary beneficiaries at the ratio of 1 member to 10 members of the family of which 70 are women, 20% youth and 10% adults.

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