Africa Community Development Network (ACODEN)

Africa Community Development Network (ACODEN) is a Ugandan-based NGO with its headquarters in Gulu Municipality. It was established and formally registered in August of 2011 and commits itself to the protection of basic human rights, including the rights to access and use land. Security of land tenure is unavoidably important for communities in Uganda. Therefore ACODEN seeks to empower communities and relevant local government institutions by creating awareness, providing legal support, and through providing training in advocacy and conflict resolution.

ACODEN’s vision is a just, peaceful, self-reliant, and prosperous society. Its mission is to promote access to land and to equip communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead peaceful, prosperous, and dignified lives in a socially and environmentally sustainable framework


The ACODEN GULU AND NWOYA LAND MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION STRENGTHENING PROJECT intends to respond to the plight of underserved communities by contributing to the strengthening of systems for the protection and enjoyment of land rights for indigent persons in the Gulu and Nwoya districts, which have been greatly affected by disputes caused by unclear boundaries and poor land management structures. This will be achieved through increased community awareness on land rights and the available legal aid services as well as by strengthening the capacity of traditional leaders, Area Land Committees (ALC), and District Land Boards (DLB) to manage land rights issues. The project will conduct legal counseling and referral, mediation, sensitizations, and the strengthening of monitoring and response systems. The capacity of oversight bodies to effectively monitor the performance of land management institutions will be built through training, networking, and facilitation.

This project contributes access to justice with a focus on land rights, which is in line with SAFE Northern Uganda Strategy result 2, “access to justice increased for peaceful resolution of land related disputes”, and indicators 1-4 which focus on improved management of land related disputes. The project will lead to improvement in the management of land related disputes, and create awareness on land rights and tenure systems.