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Buliisa Initiative for Rural Development Organization (BIRUDO)

Buliisa Initiative for Rural Development Organization (BIRUDO) was founded in 2006 by a group of Ugandan youths after realizing a gap in capacity building in order to fight poverty among the rural and urban communities in Buliisa District.

BIRDUO registered in 2007 and re-registered in 2010 under registration number CD/058/010 as a Community Based Organization with Buliisa District Local Government. BIRDUO operates in Buliisa District in Uganda’s western region, with its headquarters in Buliisa Town Council. The BIRDUO office is located on Paraa Road, opposite the offices of Tullow Oil PLC.


BIRUDO works toward a vision of ensuring that rural and urban underprivileged and marginalized persons live free from poverty, ignorance, diseases and lead sustainable lives.


BIRUDO’s mission is to impart knowledge in women, men and children for a reduction of ignorance, poverty, diseases and to strengthen and empower marginalized communities towards achieving sustainable development and improved livelihoods.

The mission shall be achieved through community mobilization and organization, awareness raising, education, resource mobilization, advocacy and lobbying, trainings and research, networking and information sharing.