Kabarole Research and Resource Center (KRC)

KRC is a non-governmental Organisation established in 1996 and operates in 7 administrative districts of the Rwenzori region in western Uganda. These include; Kabarole, Kyenjojo, Kamwenge, Kasese, Ntoroko, Kyegegwa and Bundibugyo districts.

KRC is a well-established NGO operating in the Rwenzori Region of Western Uganda.
KRC has a research mission and a long-term commitment to understanding the measures and drivers of poverty and its solutions, KRC has accumulated substantial experience in research and created numerous development programs based on community analyses of the activities which would be most helpful in achieving sustainable and equitable socio-economic development.
The 20 years of experience in community development work has led KRC to identify a new strategic direction currently being adopted, focused on supporting the need for integration and effectiveness of development research & policy advocacy.
KRC’S Vision is to be a leading research, advocacy and community development Organization in Uganda.
And its Mission is Building a dynamically strong research, advocacy and community development Organization that enables policy makers, academia, CSOs, private sector and rural communities to effectively respond to development needs for peaceful, equitable and economically sustainable development.


Due to the numerous episodes of the violent conflict closely related to the various economic, political and cultural events such as the installation of cultural leaders of the different ethnic groups in the Rwenzori , prior to these challenges, land is also known to be at the core of the conflicts, especially the highly contested l distribution of and by the Government of Uganda (GOU) to approximately to 3:1 ration between the Basongora and Bakonzo respectively adding on the February 2016 general elections played a great role in triggering off the deep-seated differences among various cultural groupings.

Thus KRC’S project of living and Promoting Peace in the Rwenzori region funded by USAID SAFE is intended to contribute to the restoration of peace, tolerance and harmonious living among communities in Rwenzori region by 2017 as result of the above mentioned violent conflicts hence advancing USAID SAFE objective of component 11 that is ensuring peace and reconciliation in conflict torn apart areas.