Land and Equity Movement of Uganda (LEMU)

The Land Equity Movement of Uganda (LEMU), is a movement which aims to unite community efforts to use land to benefit the poor. This includes the efforts of local people, local Government, local civil society organizations, students, elders, volunteers, and anyone who can contribute to make land work for the poor.

LEMU tries to be a link between government and communities. It brings in knowledge of laws and policies to the communities, helps them to understand rights, roles, responsibilities, and changes in land ownership, and it works with other stakeholders to help Government and policy makers understand people’s land rights to help design solutions and implementation strategies.


LEMU is collaborating with SAFE to implement the “Promotion of peaceful co-existence on communal lands in Lira” project. Under this project, LEMU will continue to visit the communities still in conflict, including the 3 new USAID-SAFE supported communities of Burlobo, Anyomorem, and Bar Odir, in Lira district to assist in conflict resolution, boundary harmonization and rules implementation activities that include:

  • Understanding the origins of land rights and land disputes by using Community Land Rights Lineage Tree (CLRLT), mapping, signing of consent agreements, boundary walk and planting trees in Burlobo and Anyomorem Communities.
  • Implementation of community rules, monitoring adherence and holding feedback meetings, and, if applicable, engaging livelihood NGOs to support community initiatives in Bar Odir.

The project will work in these three sites following the whole community’s land protection processes, from envisioning outcomes to implementing written rules, to marking their boundaries and holding their elected leaders accountable.