Masindi NGO Forum
Masindi District NGO Forum (MDNF) is a registered umbrella organization of 31 Civil Society organizations operating in Masindi District. Its main aim is to work as a mouth piece of excluded resource poor persons through the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Masindi and beyond, mobilize them to challenge the non pro-poor policies and demand for public accountability and transparency from the duty bearers especially government at different levels.

The organization is engaged in many activities among which include the following; Capacity Building of member organizations. Anti corruption campaign, civic education, public expenditure tracking, policy advocacy and analysis, Engagement of Local Government on community priority needs, and community mobilization/sensitization on participatory planning and budgeting process.


The Masindi NGO Forum exists to coordinate and strengthen the capacity of CSOs to advocate, lobby and campaign for effective service delivery.


A society with equal opportunities to all for social and economic development.