Northern Uganda Media Club (NUMEC)

The Northern Uganda Media Club (NUMEC) is an independent and non-partisan media organization formed by journalists and media professionals working in conflict-effected northern Uganda. NUMEC is involved in capacity building for journalists so they are able to effectively report on peace, recovery, good governance, human rights and justice issues in northern Uganda. The organization is also involved in media and communication training for government officials to promote effective engagement between them and the media.


Under NUMEC’s proposed project, Communicating Peace and Reconciliation in the Acholi sub-region, NUMEC will conduct round table discussions with the different SAFE grantees to come up with the peace messages and offer them technical support in using media and communications for peace building.

Furthermore, NUMEC will build the capacity of regular media users and SAFE grantees to improve their conflict sensitivity while communicating peace messages. NUMEC believes that the cumulative impact of the proposed activities will address the challenge of inadequate peace building and conflict sensitive messages when reaching out to communities in post-conflict Acholi.