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USAID - SAFE Oversight Toolkit for Non-State Actors

The USAID-Supporting Access to Justice Fostering Equity and Peace Program (USAID-SAFE)
commissioned the development of this toolkit to strengthen the Government of Uganda’s capacity with respect to peace building and conflict mitigation.

This initiative is part of efforts to provide assistance, training and capacity building to local government structures, District Land Boards, Area Land Committees, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and established traditional/community based dispute resolution mechanisms. Although intended for use by CSOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to provide oversight related to land management and administration in the SAFE Program‟s target districts, SAFE hopes and encourages other stakeholders to use this handbook.in their work.

The toolkit was developed in a participatory manner by, interviewing and consulting different
stake holders who have developed related materials, in-depth literature review and validating
the content of the toolkit with local government officials and CSOs. The toolkit attempts to
harmonize and build upon already existing efforts made in this area. This toolkit can be used
alongside the SAFE Program Land Rights Handbook, which contains detailed information on land laws, policy and rights in Uganda.

With USAID‟s generous support, it is our hope and our goal to strengthen mechanisms for
resolving conflicts over land, oil and ethnic diversity. SAFE is working with the Central and Local Governments to empower government institutions to resolve local conflicts and to eliminate a source of violence that has wounded all of Uganda. Importantly, we also acknowledge the important role civil society plays in resolving conflicts. SAFE is supporting CSOs to play a stronger role in monitoring and evaluating institutions that have authority over land matters.
The SAFE Program is strengthening the links between CSOs and the formal authorities after all, they are both working toward the same goal.