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A young teenager  giving her testimony

Fifteen-year-old Hadijah, dropped out of school because of lack of school fees. While at home, she met a young man who expressed interest in marrying her. She accepted his proposal. However, once she became pregnant, he ran away and she has not seen him since then.

Hadijah endured a difficult pregnancy and labor on her own. She required a C-section for the baby to come out as her body was not ready for child birth.

Hadijah now has to fend for herself and her baby but cannot yet engage in the labor workforce as her body is still recovering. She currently living with her grandmother who is caring for her and the baby.

Girls with no education are three times more likely to marry before 18 as girls with higher education.

Early marriage and early initiation of sex are leading causes of adolescent pregnancy. Adolescent’s girls need to be protected and empowered with information to delay sex and pregnancy.

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