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USAID – Supporting Access to Justice, Fostering Equity and Peace (SAFE) Program, a six-year development program (2012 – 2018), aims to strengthen the Government of Uganda’s (GoU) capacity with respect to peace building and conflict mitigation.

By enhancing the capacity of local actors and strengthening the mechanisms for resolving and mitigating conflicts related to land, the SAFE program intends to address the residual effects of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) conflict in northern Uganda and transform emerging conflicts into peaceful outcomes.

The SAFE Program operates through a grants scheme, awarding grants to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other institutions to implement activities central to the realization of the SAFE Program’s objectives.

The SAFE Program also provides technical assistance, training and capacity building for local government structures, District Land Boards, Area Land Committees and CSOs. Additionally, the SAFE Program assists with the establishment of traditional/community-based dispute resolution mechanisms to mitigate conflict while taking into account the cross cutting themes of youth, gender, population, anti-corruption and oil production.

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